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Daily Download: August 29, 2013 (Will Smith wasn’t watching Miley, underrated sci-fi & shrimp boudin)

No, That Wasn’t Will Smith Reacting to Miley Cyrus — I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong.  The other day when the Miley Cyrus story broke, I posted the photo of Will Smith and his family that went viral.  I am guilty, along with lots of other people, of believing that just because Twitter says something it’s true, it must be.  That photo is a perfect case of how things can take on a life on their own on the Internet (and in the media) out of context but with the right tag line.  That photo was actually taken during Lady Gaga’s performance, and it’s actually just one of those moments where everyone in the family got a goofy look on their face all at the same time.  It’s not in response to Miley Cyrus or even anything specific.  The above link actually shows the video feed of what was going on alongside the video of the Smith family.  I hereby declare my error and announce this correction.  Sorry.

The improbable truth — Have you ever noticed that when Solomon comes to his conclusion at the end of the book of Ecclesiates in the Bible, it’s not with much fanfare?  He just makes his conclusive statement and moves on.  John Fischer has a knack for noticing these moments in Scripture and attempting to explain them.  Here’s a great real life take from John Fischer on the book of Ecclesiastes, its place in the canon of Scripture and what you can take very simply out of that moment.

What happens when the pastor of a megachurch loses his faith? — Peter Enns writes good blog titles that catch your eye.  This is one of them.  But the blog post is actually about a book that really sounds like it’s worth reading.  I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist, so I wanted to share.

10 Websites that Teach Coding and More — I wrote about the value of teaching kids to code the other day.  Here’s another resource that 10 lists sites, paid and free, where you (or your kids) can learn to code.  Get to it.

The Five Underrated Sci-Fi Movie Masterpieces — I’m a fan of sci-fi movies.  I was intrigued to see what movies were listed in this “underrated” list.  I’ve only seen 1 of the five — “Gattaca” — and I’d agree that it was a really good movie you don’t hear much about.  I need to find the others to see what all the hubbub is all about.   I found several on Netflix, but I’ll probably have to watch them without my wife because they all sound somewhat ethereal and not very mainstream.

Seafood Boudin Recipe — I learned something new in the food world today.  I had no idea what “boudin” was or that people even make sausage from seafood.  Who knew?  I saw a reference to “shrimp boudin” on a menu, looked it up, and now I’m intrigued.  I stumbled upon the recipes linked here from Emeril Lagasse.  I probably won’t make it, but I need to try this stuff.

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