A Belated 3 for Thursday: October 21, 2016

Welcome to Friday!  It’s been a busy week, including my birthday, so I’m behind to send out the 3 for Thursday, but I wanted to get one out to you anyway.

Here are 3 things catching my attention this week:

1)  Podcast:  Mike Rowe is an American treasure.  Most known for his show Dirty Jobs, he is a great storyteller and personality and Eagle Scout.  He also focuses his life on many good things, including his mikeroweWORKS Foundation and lots of well-written and well-spoken sound thinking, which you can find on his page on Facebook.  Thanks to his new podcast titled “The Way I Heard It”, he also seems to be turning into the new Paul Harvey.  He offers interesting takes on historical events in short 5-minute podcasts.  It’s worth a quick listen.

2) VIdeo As we look forward to our future (as a young person) and look back on our life (as an old person), it can be hard to really break down what leads to happiness, health and fulfillment.  I have found myself advising that family and relationship is ultimately more important to a fulfilled life than work and accomplishment, but is that just anecdotal and sentimental?  Harvard University has done a 75-year study of hundreds of men that has been able to track their lives from their teens into this 90s.  This TED talk by study director Robert Waldinger summarizes what they have gleaned from their research.

3) Product:  I recently had an umbrella mishap, and it occurred in the company parking lot for an entire half of our building to see.  I had to leave during a horribly windy storm, and my umbrella simply crumbled on me in the process.  For my birthday, my team at work bought me a BetterBrella.  It’s an interesting inverted umbrella with an internal double canopy that is supposedly waterproof and windproof.  I love new takes on old ideas like this, and it seems to get great reviews.  It seems to be sold out on HSN’s site, and I’m linking here to Amazon (but it seems there may be lots of Chinese knockoffs on this, so beware).