3 for Thursday: September 29, 2016

Welcome to Thursday!
Here are 3 things catching my attention this week:

1)  Podcast & Article:  I enjoy following Donald Miller (@donaldmiller on Twitter or like his page on Facebook) and his Story Brand podcast and concepts.  This week Donald posted a podcast mini-episode about a Harvard Business Review article that explains the value-added elements that make a product or service more valuable in the mind of consumers.  This is some really good stuff!  Understanding the hierarchy of value adds can help business owners and communicators better build their products and marketing communications and brand around those concepts.  The podcast episode is titled “30 Proven Ways to Make Any Product More Valuable” and it’s worth your time.  The article is titled “The Elements of Value” and it’s much more in-depth.  You should at least click through to the article to look over the more visual “Elements of Value Pyramid” graphic that makes the concepts very usable.

2) App I wrote on the Blue Shirt Project blog this week about the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app.  If you’re a Sam’s Club member, this app is a game changer.  This app will make your life easier.  Scan your items as you shop and then pay through the app on the way to the door without ever standing in a checkout line.  The only burden you have to bear is the item-counting lady at the exit door having to work her mad technology skills to clear you out of the store.

3) Food:  If you like coffee, you should pick up a bag of Coffee Nut M&Ms.  The “Coffee Nut” flavor won out over its “Honey Nut” and “Chili Nut” competitors in a recent M&M promotion to become a (so-called) permanent flavor of M&Ms.  They feature “coffee flavored roasted peanuts”.  A coworker shared some with me, and they’re tasty.