3 for Thursday: September 22, 2016

Welcome to Thursday!
3 things catching my attention this week are as follows:

1)  Products:  We bought a new car this week, and my wife was looking for a distinctive bumper sticker to set it apart from the crowd in a parking lot.  You should really go to Etsy and search “bumper stickers” for a few good laughs and to also see how depraved the world is.  There is something for everyone there.  The winner so far on my list is the bumper sticker that asks, “Do You Follow Jesus This Closely?”

2)  Music:  I needed some focused instrumental music this week while writing and none of my playlists were working.  I found the “Instrumental — Soundtracks, Classical, etc.” playlist on Spotify as put together by user Sarah Bowser.  It really hits the spot.  It’s a rousing collection of well-written music, much of it from movies you know, that is bright enough to keep things rolling when you’re in a creative zone.

3) Cars:  I mentioned we bought a car this week.  Our trusty Suburban of old has needed a replacement for a while, and it was finally time.  We regularly need seating for 7, so that limits our options.  I’ve done weeks of research, and we have considered and driven all kinds of 7-seater cars, from large SUVs to minivans to crossovers.  Our short list finally came down to the following, so I thought I would share:

  1. GMC Acadia — the Acadia is the car we ended up buying.  It’s an incredible mix of features and space for a great price.
  2. Dodge Durango — the Durango was recently redone, and we were really surprised with it.  It’s not as open as the Acadia, but it drives and feels really good.  I hear gripes about Chrysler transmission, but I liked this car.
  3. Toyota Highlander — the Highlander gets great ratings in Consumer Reports, but we felt the handling was stiff and the interior was cramped.  It would have worked, but it didn’t top our list.
  4. Infiniti QX80 — the QX80 feels luxurious and drives very solidly.  If you want to spend more for the polish, this Infiniti model feels high end.
  5. Buick Enclave — the Enclave is on the same footprint as the Acadia, but it’s curvier.  We felt the curves hurt it because it ended up narrowing the interior and windows, but it’s still a worthy car that can seat 7.