3 for Thursday: October 6, 2016

Welcome to Thursday!
Here are 3 things catching my attention this week:

1)  Podcast:  Listening to Andy Stanley‘s teaching has been highly beneficial in my life since all the way back to my college years.  He’s lead pastor of one of the largest churches in the United States, but he also has a huge following around his thoughts and ideas about business and leadership.  His once-a-month Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast holds up to the quality of information I expect from Andy with lots of great insights and interviews with business leaders.  The podcast is on my shortlist of podcasts worth listening to in the business, leadership and management world.

2) App I have finally taken the time to try the Headspace app over the last few weeks, and I can say that I am a fan.  I feel like a latecomer to this app, but Tim Ferriss (@tferriss on Twitter or like his page on Facebook) made such frequent meditation mentions on his podcast, I finally tried it out.  I discovered the value of meditation about 20 years ago as part of a program with my church, and then I rediscovered again about two years ago, again through church.  Headspace helps you spend 10 minutes a day in guided non-religious meditation.  I’m surprised at how much I enjoy setting apart those 10 minutes to myself.  The first 10 days of Headspace are free and are a good introduction to the concept of meditation.  They also intersperse cartoon videos to help you more understand what you’re doing and why.  Give it an honest try and see what you think.

3) Website:  Ever wanted to buy half a share of stock instead of a whole share?  Ever wanted to buy into a high price stock but didn’t have the money on hand for it?  Over the years, I have found that I prefer to invest in “fractional shares” in the stocks, bonds and mutual funds world as opposed to buying whole shares at market prices.   A “fractional share” is where you invest how much want to invest regardless of the price of the stock, and you end up owning a “fractional share” of the stock instead of a whole share.  I can invest what I have on hand, weekly or monthly, and grow my investment portfolio on my own terms instead of having to buy full shares at full price.  Only a few trading houses offer this service, but I have found that Folio Investing will allow me to do fractional investing with no minimum balance or minimum investment requirements across a wide range of securities.  If you’re new to investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds world, pick a few safe index funds and try out fractional share investing at Folio Investing.