3 for Thursday: June 15, 2017

1) App:  GasBuddy —

Summer is here, and the weather is finally starting to act like it wants to be warm.  Everyone is going on vacation, and if you’re driving, check out the GasBuddy app.  I have used GasBuddy on and off for years, but I’ve recently rediscovered it.  GasBuddy tracks fuel prices at local gas stations through crowdsourced data from users.  Look up your location on the map, and you can see local gas prices.  You may be surprised to figure out that there are pockets in your town where fuel prices are higher or lower than other areas.  I’ve discovered that my part of town is consistently cheaper than the other parts of town.  I’ve also learned to never gas up on the west side of town because their fuel prices are consistently higher.  If you want to participate in improving the app, GasBuddy rewards you with entries into giveaways if you update fuel prices as you move around town.

2) App:  Google Assistant for iOS —

I’ve mentioned before that I have a Google Home.  I love the interface and its language interaction on the Google Home so much more than Siri on my iPhone.  I have wished for that interface in my Google app, but until now, Google has kept their Google Assistant only on Android phones.  A few weeks ago, though, I threw a celebration as Google released a Google Assistant app for iOS.  I now have the joy of the Google Assistant one app click away.  It understands me and seems to help me better than Siri.  If you’re fed up with Siri’s inability to truly look up things or get you where you need to go, download the Google Assistant app for iOS and find your better assistant without buying an Android phone.

3) Quote I’m pondering this week —  
“So these are the five essential questions.
‘Wait, what’ is at the root of all understanding.
‘I wonder’ is at the heart of all curiosity.
‘Couldn’t we at least’ is the beginning of all progress.
‘How can I help’ is at the base of all good relationships.
And ‘what really matters’ gets you to the heart of life.
If you ask these questions regularly, especially the last one, you will be in a great position to answer the bonus question, which is, at the end of the day, the most important question you’ll ever face.”

Watch the entire video of Dean James Ryan’s commencement speech at the Harvard Graduation School of Education (or read the transcript), and dig into that bonus question.  The bonus question really grabbed me, and it’s worth your time to sit, think and feel it.

Bonus: Headspace — 

My own bonus here:  I’ve talked about Headspace in the past, and I’m a daily user.  They have just updated their app, and it’s even better.  If you’re not using Headspace on a regular basis, you’re missing out on some great mental discipline.  Try the first 10 days and see how you feel.