3 for Thursday: July 6, 2017

The festivities of July 4 have now passed, and we’re suddenly halfway through summer. Wal-Mart is going to start putting out school supplies and forcing us to feel ready for the school year. But don’t give in. Enjoy summer for all it’s worth. Go to the pool, go to the park, go for a walk, fire up the grill, enjoy your kids and loved ones, sweat up a storm in that late summer heat, and give it your best. Summer will be gone before you know it, and it only comes once a year.

Three things worth your attention this week are:

1. Fitness Product — Triggerpoint GRID Foam Roller
About a month ago, my lower back decided it wanted to go out, and it created all kinds of pain. I’ve had lower back and hip pain on and off for years. I have tried all kinds of treatments, including chiropractic care, battery-operated TENS nerve stimulation units, stretching, massage, and more.

One of my secrets for muscle relaxation and pressure point manipulation is a tennis ball or racquetball. Roll around on the tennis ball of your choice, find the spots that hurt, and push the ball into them to loosen a tight muscle spasm. Just know in advance: your spouse will give you funny looks when he/she walks in on you rolling around on a tennis ball.

If you want more professional help, I use the Triggerpoint GRID Foam Roller. I found this foam roller years ago thanks to Men’s Health Magazine. Triggerpoint now offers several different versions. This foam roller is heavy duty and is great for stretching out muscle tension and for pressure point manipulation. Many people use pool noodles as foam rollers, but they’re just not the same. Whether you’re stretching for post-workout flexibility or for muscle relaxation from pain, check out this Triggerpoint foam roller.

2. Food Product — Dash Go Egg Cooker
A few weeks ago, Tim Ferriss promoted this Dash Go Egg Cooker, and I honestly couldn’t believe it was as good as he said. Our boys love eggs boiled soft, medium, and hard, so I had to give this egg cooker a try. Put up to six eggs in the Dash Go, choose how you want your eggs cooked, and fire it up. I’ve only ever cooked hard-boiled eggs because, as we all know, I’m hardcore like that. But I can now admit I have been wrong when it comes to boiled eggs.  These medium-boiled eggs are amazing. The Dash Go is quick, easy, and makes perfect eggs. What else do you need in life? The Dash Go Egg Cooker purportedly also makes poached and scrambled eggs, plus omelets, but I haven’t even gotten there because I’m so sold on its basic job of boiling eggs. (Just don’t blame me for the horrible buzzer sound.)

3. Book — So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport
Cal Newport takes on the popular sentiment that the best and most fulfilling career for you will be found if you just “follow your passion.” I am consistently skeptical of Cal Newport’s ideas, and he consistently wins me over with his research, well-crafted arguments, and his rebuttals to the caveats that come up in my brain as I read. Cal shoots down this passion notion and sets out on a quest to figure out how people end up loving what they do, and the answers he finds are surprising and challenging. This book is worth your time if you want to have a remarkable career. I listened to this book on Audible, but I may end up needing to buy a hard copy to mark it up and share with friends looking for career direction.