3 for Thursday: February 9, 2017

Welcome to Thursday!  It’s been a wild and crazy 2017 so far, and I haven’t been diligent in updating you.  But I’m back, fired up and ready to go.

Here are 3 things catching my attention this week:

1)  App: I have spent the last several weeks looking for a financial management app that feels right.  Honestly, they’re few and far between.  People really like Mint, but it has never seemed to work the way I want it to, although I’m willing to give it another try.  Over time, I’ve also looked into YNAB.  Right now I’m intrigued by Albert.  It’s much like Mint but is touted at better tracking day-to-day finances and budgeting.  The downside I’m seeing so far is that it’s only an app and doesn’t have a web interface. I’m setting up the app, and so far it’s been a positive experience.  In that same vein, I’m paying attention to Digit, (which helps automate savings) and ClinkBenjamin, and Personal Capital (which all help automate investing).

2) Productivity Tool I’ve been using the task manager called Nozbe for a couple years now, and I have found it very useful.  After getting a Google Home for Christmas, I discovered that it prefers to integrate with Todoist.  I tried to find some online recipes to sync between Todoist and Nozbe and ultimately discovered that Nozbe isn’t very integration-friendly.  But through that process, I tried Todoist and found a new favorite task manager.  I’m using their iOS app and their web interface daily now, and I’m a fan of its simplicity and flow.

3) Read:  After listening to Debbie Millman on the Tim Ferriss podcast, I was looking for a book on behavioral economics and product design, and instead I found this amazing book called Well Designed Life: 10 Lesson in Brain Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy and Purposeful Life.  It’s written by a neuroscientist who also loves design, and it’s a wonderful layman-language look at how our brains work and how to hack them into thinking differently to change behaviors.  So far, it has been a very insightful read.