3 for Thursday: February 16, 2017

Welcome to Thursday!

Here are 3 things catching my attention this week:

1)  App: Last week, I talked about several financial management apps that I’m evaluating. I’m intrigued by several automated savings apps out there. The best I have found so far is Qapital.  Qapital, available on iOS and Android, uses rules — such as rounding up purchases or saving a certain amount every time you stop at a coffee shop — to help you save incrementally, and then Qapital runs the processes in the backend based on your savings goals and the rules you allow. Want to go on a vacation but never get around to saving for it? Tell Qapital how much it costs, connect your bank account, and Qapital will do the work to save for it. Your savings gets shifted into a separate account held by Qapital, but it is your money, and you can withdraw it at any time. Digit is a similar app, but I am finding that Qapital has more creative ways to save and is much flexible and easier to use.

2) Quote to ponder
Awareness practices like meditation, journaling, contemplation, yoga and others help us stabilize our attention. Stabilized attention, in turn, enables us to see the underlying patterns of our behavior…
If we are always distracted…we will be stuck in repeating behaviors that may forever obscure the best version of ourselves. But if we invest in building our awareness, slowing down to examine what our underlying thoughts and emotions are, we can use this information to inspire a better design to change our behavior. …
Dedicating our time to awareness practices and seeing how our inner mind operates catalyzes our understanding and saves us from a life of futile struggle. It’s your choice: long, frustrating suffering path or shorter, clearer self-aware path.”
– Kyra Bobinet, M.D., Well Designed Life: 10 Lesson in Brain Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy and Purposeful Life

3) Read:  I’m really enjoying the writing of Benjamin P. Hardy on Medium. Hardy is pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and he has some great insights in thinking and living productively and fruitfully. Today his “The 2 Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make” was very insightful and convicting. If you believe in hacking and tweeting your life to find the best design (and don’t mind being overwhelmed but impressed), check out his 10,000 word-exhaustive list of better practices and habits you could integrate into your life titled “50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms“. It’s an intense manifesto of life processes, and I’ve only read the highlights, but I’m willing to give him my reading time for now.