3 for Thursday: August 17, 2017

3 things for this Thursday:

1) An app/site — CarGurus
I have two high schoolers, both of whom have their initial driving permits, both of whom are working on their driving hours to get the opportunity to take the full driving test and obtain their driver’s license.

  • Once they get their licenses, they will want to drive on their own.
  • Once they are driving on their own, they will want cars.
  • Once they get jobs, we will let them work toward getting their own cars.

This process is all one big cascade toward a car purchase looming in the future.  As such, I am actively keeping my eye on the market for high school cars that are affordable.

When we bought our last car, I discovered CarGurus.  What a wonderful app and site!  CarGurus shows you online car listings, but this site/app is full of sorting and filtering features.  What sets this site/app apart is that CarGuruspays attention to what similar cars are being listed for.  On each listing, CarGurus tells you whether that car’s asking price is above or below the market price for a similar car and by how much.  You can even sort and filter by those above/below market notifications and simply look to find deals.

2) A book — Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
I have heard Ryan Holiday on the Tim Ferriss podcast several times, and he is a very down to earth, straightforward guy.  Ryan’s biggest claim to fame is that he was the Director of Marketing for American Apparel (before it imploded), but he’s also a media strategist and much more. He has written for and collaborated with many well-known publications and authors.  His book, The Obstacle Is The Way, became an inadvertent, word-of-mouth hit with professional and college athletes and coaches and really took off from there.  The next book in succession, Ego Is the Enemy, was released a few years later, and I recently finished listening to it on Audible, narrated by Ryan himself.

Let me start here:  Go now and read Ego Is The Enemy.  Now!

If you are in business, if you are in leadership, if you are in ministry, if you are part of a family or a community that requires collaboration, if you are part of any team, if you relate to any other human being, or if you desire to do any of these things,  Ego Is The Enemy needs to be a cornerstone of your library and your values system.

In this book, Ryan doesn’t tear down accomplishment and ambition.  He instead deconstructs, piece by piece, our need for attention that so often comes alongside our accomplishment and ambition.  He calls us, using great examples from history, to do great things without feeling the need to make sure everyone recognizes us as great.  Based deeply in Stoic thought with lots of references to Christian principles as well as other religions, Ryan makes a case for looking deeply at yourself in the mirror and working to move past your ego in order to find what’s better and more useful underneath.

Ego Is The Enemy is convicting and challenging and calls you to something greater than making sure you’re known.  Ryan has the phrase “Ego Is The Enemy” tattooed on his forearm so he sees it every day.  After reading this book, I feel like doing the same, just as a constant reminder.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

3) Three apps/sites — PetFinderAllPaws, and WeRescue
As our dogs age, we have started paying attention to see if we can find a great puppy that matches their breed combination so that our dogs can help train the pup (before the older dogs go off to meet the Great Dog In The Sky someday).  We have one dog that is 75% Labrador Retriever and 25% Bassett Hound, and it’s very hard to find the right dog with a similar look and personality.

I have started looking online, and I have found that PetFinder (both an app and a site), AllPaws (both an app and a site), and WeRescue (only an app) are a great set of free sites and apps to look around at all the dogs (and cats) available at shelters and pet rescue nonprofits in our area and around the country.

These apps each have different looks and feel, but they pull in different listings, so I have started looking at each of them to see the latest dog listings.  They each offer lots of photos, and they are very visual apps.  Once you find a pet you’re interested it, you can mark it for later, or you can directly connect with the shelter or rescue organization through the app.