Daily Download: August 6, 2013 (Curling on the grill / incubus & succubus / food inspections)

Keep steaks and chops from curling with a few quick cuts (from Lifehacker) — good grilling tip, especially for pork chops.

Incubus and Succubus (from Wikipedia) — these two demonic spirits came up in conversation today, and we looked up more on them.  I’m amazed to find that there is serious discussion from both Augustine and Thomas Aquinas about the methods through which these demons have “relations” with humans and create half-spirit offspring with humans.  There’s also a reference to Catholic Pope Sylvester II who confessed to having an ongoing affair with a succubus who rewarded him by helping him achieve his high rank in the church hierarchy

Springfield, Missouri food inspections — WHAT?!?! Blu Sesame had 11 critical violations?!?!?

George W. Bush undergoes procedure for stent after blockage discovered (from FoxNews) — I hate it when people who are known to have very active, healthy lifestyles end up with heart issues because it defies the conventional wisdom that all that physical activity helps stave off those kinds of ailments.

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