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Daily Download: August 15, 2013 (stunt jump death / food inspections / smart thermostats

Stunt jumper who parachuted into 2012 Olympics as James Bond has died in wing-diving accident — Stuntman Mark Sutton was killed in a jump while on location with the Swiss Alps, jumping as part of a group of the world’s top wing-diving pilots for an Epic TV event.  That’s really sad.  In wing-diving, the goal is to fly very close to the ground or a mountain side, and divers can reach speeds up to 125 mph in the process.  That’s amazing, but yes, it’s dangerous, too.  I wonder if someone’s created an iPhone game where you wing-dive.  Tiny Wings is like that, I guess.

Greene County, Missouri food inspections  — Waffle Houses — 2 of them —  top the restaurant inspections list this week with the North Glenstone store having 5 critical violations and 3 non-critical, while the East Sunshine store had 4 critical violations and 4 non-criticals.  Other big hitters on the multiple critical violations list this week are Ziggies North on North Glenstone (4 critical and 5 non-critical),  Lucy’s Chinese on East Sunshine (with 4 critical violations and 3 non-critical), Crosstown Barbecue on Division (with 3 critical and 4 non-critical) and La Hacienda on Glenstone (with 3 critical and 4 non-critical).  Also snagging multiple critical violations this week are Big Easy Grill on Sunshine, College Street Cafe, Heritage Cafeteria, Panera Bread on South National, and Steak ‘n Shake on South Glenstone.

Smart Thermostats  — I need to get a programmable thermostat at my house, and I’m intrigued by smart thermostats that are connected to your wifi, learn your temperature habits, and is controllable by your phone.  But, wow, they’re over $250!  I can get an old school 7-day programmable thermostat for about $50.  Or if I go fancy and go with a touchscreen, it’s about $65.  My friend says that a smart thermostat  “can be controlled by smartphone or laptop.  That’s nice.  On your way home from work you can turn it up or down so that it’s comfortable by the time you get home.”  Who does this?  I change my thermostat when we wake up, when we leave the house, when we get home, and when we go to bed.  Who are these people who are in constant phone contact with their thermostats, changing temperatures on the fly from their car or office?  Next, we’ll need to make sure there a Nest app for our Google Glasses so we don’t have to touch anything with our fingers to change our thermostats, making sure that we can always see the temperature in our houses on our Glasses display.  Or better yet, maybe I can just tell Siri to change my thermostat!  How fancy would that be?


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