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Daily Download August 8, 2013 (Libs & progs / “Hurry up” / Homemade treats / Christian anarchism)

There is a Difference Between Liberal and Progressive — Based on this blog post, which was actually very helpful, I’m certain I’m not a liberal, at least by his differentiations.  That being said, I’m not sure if I’m a progressive because all I really got out of the article on that matter is that a progressive “would be Liberal but [has] learned from Feminist, Liberation and Post-Colonial critiques.”  I need to read up more on that element to know what he’s saying.  Author Bo Sanders seems to note in this article as well as in Leaving Behind The ‘Liberal’ Label from a couple days ago that he considers himself left-leaning, progressive, postmodern and emergent.  The labels get tiring, don’t they?  He ultimately identifies himself as a HyperTheist.  I’m not sure which, if any, of those I am, but I’m willing to read up (and listen up) on them to figure it out.  My concern, though, is that the definitions shift depending on who’s using the term, so maybe it’s better just to avoid labels.

The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’ — This article made me think intentionally about my pace of life and making sure I’m really being in the moment with the people I love.  It’s so hard to practice sometimes, but so important.  Just this morning I said, “If you’re anxious and fearful of what could go wrong in the good times and not just enjoying the moment for what it is, you’ll really beat yourself up in the bad times that you didn’t simply sit and enjoy the good times when you had them.  It’s a vicious circle we should all seek to avoid.”

6 Healthy, Homemade Treats That Won’t Make A Mess — These snacks looked yummy and healthy.

I was drunk and lonely: Geraldo explains his half-naked selfie — Tweeting half-naked self pics has become so commonplace on Twitter that even Geraldo Rivera decided (under some level of influence of alcohol) that it might be a good idea.  Who knew Geraldo Rivera was 70?!?!?  But he thinks he looks pretty good for a 70-year-old.  I’m not disputing it, but I agree with everyone else that it wasn’t a good idea to show the Twitterverse.

The UnKingdom of God: a book by Mark Van Steenwyk: Therapy for Living the Modern Life Under His Rule — All we are saying, is give Christian Anarchism a chance?  That’s the theme of this blog post and the concept behind the book it discusses.  The concept of Christian Anarchism says, “[A]ll forms of coercive rule – government, church or otherwise – should be rejected. Jesus is Lord and no one else is. Together we must find ways to live out His rule, not accomodations to other powers and principalities.” David Fitch asks American believers to take the moment to ponder the idea by reading this book and not just writing off the concept.  He notes that he doesn’t completely agree with the author, but that when he does, it’s usually an earth-shattering concept.  I might need to give this book a look.

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