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Daily Download: August 13, 2013 (MLK speech / Bono on capitalism / Ashton Kutcher / false teachers)

What you didn’t know about Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream’ speech — The written text of the “I Have A Dream” speech didn’t include the words “I have a dream”.  That’s amazing!  Martin Luther King, Jr. picked up on the energy and the moment and built a completely different speech that has made such an impact over time and has become his calling card.  This is a lengthy article about King and the day and the speech and his life after that was well worth the read.

Bono: “Capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid” — This blog article follows a progression as U2 frontman Bono has worked hard and heavy to promote aid to Africa and seemingly, over time, has broadened into promoting commerce and capitalism as well.  In this clip, he notes that aid is simply a stopgap to give time to develop commerce that will serve as the actual method of pulling Africa out of poverty.  He may have believed this all along while simply focusing on aid, but it’s good to hear from such a loud voice on the topic.

Ashton Kutcher reveals real name, gives incredible speech at Teen Choice Awards — Ashton Kutcher is channeling Steve Jobs a little now that he’s promoting the Steve Jobs moving, but he took an opportunity at the Teen Choice Awards to give some great advice to teens.  It’s worth a watch.

Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer — A little breakdown of why people have issues with Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.   This pastor apparently called them out by name as false teachers — first time he’s ever done that to someone — and he felt the need to explain in depth on his blog.

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